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Breakdowns with the boiler in a home often occur from a lack of proper maintenance. Boilers will heat water that runs through pipes to radiators in various rooms. If there is a problem with a radiator, then it may be related to a bigger issue. The standard inspection of a boiler by a Boiler Repair and Replacement Services in Los Angeles CAqualified technician needs to be done to check the unit for any problems. A technician will then be able to make any repairs that will be needed to restore the unit to working order.


A technician who performs maintenance on a boiler will go through a series of steps. This includes any cleaning of the system that is necessary. Cleaning will remove any soot that has built up on the surface of the heat exchanger. The build up of soot occurs during combustion and can cause problems is it gets to high levels. Removing excess soot allows for optimal combustion and improved efficiency.

Improved Efficiency

Preventative maintenance for a boiler will keep is running efficiently. Boilers operating efficiently help to maintain constant energy use and keep utility bills low. If a boiler contains sediment, then it needs to be flushed. This is done by draining the water from the tank and then filling it with new water. The unit will then be less noisy and not waste energy heating the water in the tank.

Healthy Home

Gas boilers vent CO2 gasses from burning natural gas, fuel oil, and propane. If there is a problem with the venting of emissions from a boiler, then high levels of CO2 can occur. Boilers need to be examined regularly to ensure the they are operating safely. Homeowners should have carbon monoxide detectors installed to warn of high CO2 levels in the home.

Increased Lifespan

Preventative maintenance of a boiler will keep it running many years beyond its expected lifespan. This will prevent unexpected failure due to worn parts. Parts that are worn typically mean a boiler may need to be replaced. Regular maintenance of a boiler will be much cheaper than having a new unit installed.

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