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Faucets, fixtures and sinks are three of the most common elements that a person will need to repair or replace in their bathroom. These elements may be replaced to make room for more stylistic faucets and sinks, or because they are simply outdated and are not functioning properly. The good news is that these types of fixtures can easily be replaced with little effort.

The first thing you will need to do is determine what type of repairs you have need of. If you are experiencing a leak in your sink or with your faucet we can come to your home rectify these issues in limited time. In fact, this is generally one of the easiest types of repairs that we can make in your home.

If you are wanting to replace these items completely the process is a little more time consuming. We will need to detail what changes you want to make, will need to survey and measure the area, and will need to address the size and position of the pipes that are currently in place. If you choose a sink or faucet that is around the same size and type of these preexisting elements, then adjustments to your piping will most likely not need to be made.

It should be noted that many people that have used our services for the installation and replacement of new faucets and sinks have reported a decrease in their monthly water bills. That is because many older models of faucets allow a constant flow of water that is considered to be wasteful. There are newer faucets available to you that have the capability of decreasing the amount of water that flows in order to provide you with savings and also to protect the environment.

By relying on our professional services for the installation and replacement of faucets, fixtures and sinks you can ensure professional work that will be done right the first time in the fastest amount of time as possible. You can also expect to save more money when compared to our biggest competitors when you rely on our expert services.

Do you need somebody to help you replace your Los Angeles bathroom or kitchen faucet and sink with a new and improved model? Dash Plumbing and Rotter can help you out. Just call us at (877) 616-3274 and we’ll be there as soon as possible.

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