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The addition of a new garbage disposal to a kitchen sink is a great way to ensure a quick clean up. This unit is able to grind up leftover food and wash it into a sewer or septic system. Food scraps will include any type of vegetable, potato peels, and even eggshells.


All aspects of garbage disposal installation are performed by expert plumbers. This includes suggesting the proper type of unit based on horsepower and brand. If an old unit is being replaced, then it will need to be removed along with any fitting.

The installation of the new garbage disposal involves installing a sink flange and a mounting ring. This is needed to properly tighten the connections to secure the unit to the sink. A connection is also needed to the dishwasher pipe and to an electrical supply.

New drain lines will need to be installed under the sink. A new drain line needs to be connected for the unit to properly drain water. The new unit is then tested to ensure it works as expected and that leaking is not an issue.


Keeping a garbage disposal working correctly needs to be done by following a few guidelines. Certain items should not be put in the unit as a clog or damaged pipes may occur.

Hard items should not be put into the disposal. This includes pits from fruits and bones. One way for a homeowner to avoid putting hard items in a disposal is to use the chew method. If items are not easy to chew, then they should not be put in the disposal. Hard items can also damage the blades on the unit.

One of the main reasons for clogged plumbing pipes is due to grease. This is why oils and grease that is left over from cooking should not be put in the disposal. Grease will cause the blades of the disposal to become dull as it hardens.

Limit the amount of material being put into the disposal. Too much material can cause plumbing pipes to become clogged. Excess food should be put in the trash can.

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