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Los Angeles Sewer Line Repair Services

Are you experiencing a peculiar smell coming from a clogged or cracked sewer line? Dash Plumbing and Rooter knows how to solve it. Call us today at (877) 616-3274 and get rid of that annoying smell.

The sewer system in a home or a commercial property is one of those things that not many people give much thought to Sewer Line Repair Services in Los Angeles CAunless it were to become damaged. Sewer systems can become damaged due to weather conditions or normal wear and tear. That is why having a professional such as Dash Plumbing & Rooter is so important. We’re on your side 24/7 and 365 for all your sewer repair needs.

Our technicians are trained in the latest repair methods and have the knowledge and expertise to perform the job right the first time. Our good name stands behind every job we do, giving you peace of mind. Trenchless and residential sewer repairs is our specialty.

The following tips will help if there are issues with the sewer line:

  • Sewer backups
  • Gurgling sounds from toilet
  • Low spots or cracks near the sewer line
  • The smell of sewage in the backyard is an obvious sign

In a lot of older neighborhoods, the infrastructure is more than 50 years old and the sewage system may be in dire need of updating or even a complete overhaul. That is why we perform a thorough assessment of the system to detect malfunctions or issues that can prevent the system from operating properly. In some cases it may not be necessary to replace the entire system; a re-lining will do just fine. This is done by using air inversion lining, which enables the flow to be better than standard PVC, by as much as 20%, and has the strength of duct iron, making the pipes last a very long time.

There are various reasons as to sewer system damage. For instance, a foreign object may be restricting flow, causing breakage. Also corrosion due to age which causes a line collapse. There’s also the bellied pipe, which occurs when a section of the pipe swells due to ground or soil conditions, creating a waste-collecting area. An off-grade pipe is when pipes are built using substandard materials; we replace them.

Is there a bad smell coming from a stopped or cracked sewer line? Dash Plumbing and Rooter can help with sewer line repairs. Just call us at (877) 616-3274 and schedule an appointment.

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