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Los Angeles Water Filtration System Installation & Repair

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A whole house filtration system is the best way to protect your family from various water contaminants that cause allergies and diseases. It can not only ensure safe, clean and filtered water in every faucet of your house, but can also protect your appliances in the house. As fluoride and chlorine are removed from the water even before it enters your house, there are no longer any harmful fumes in your house. It’s a fact that dishwashers and showers release most Water Filtration Installation and Repair Service Los Angeles CAchlorine in the air. Therefore, absence of these gases ensure in the air relieves asthma and allergies.

Get safe drinking water

Tap water mostly contains fluoride, chlorine, arsenic and lead. According to the report of Environmental Working Group few years back, it was found that that there are more than 130 contaminants above safety limits in the drinking water in the US and Canada. Most of these contaminants have residues of antibiotics, birth control pills, painkillers, antibiotics and anti-depressants that have been excreted in sewage treatment plants but find their way in the waterways. Combine this with herbicides and pesticides from the agricultural residues and industrial/urban waste that include solvents, chemicals, plasticizers and repellents and it becomes a lethal cocktail for you to drink!

Removing fluoride and chlorine from the air and water

Significant amount of chlorine fumes generated in dishwashers and showers are mainly responsible for asthma. They are breathed in when you are bathing, showering, and washing dishes and they hang around the air in your house. In fact, sometimes kids playing in the bath unwittingly drink this water. Knowing that your shower and bath water is already filtered gives you peace of mind.

Household appliances

Your household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, kettles, coffee machines, irons and faucet will last much longer without any calcification that mostly occurs due to lime scale.


Clothes last longer and are much softer once all heavy metals are removed from the water. The absence of any chlorine residues in the clothes is also beneficial for the allergy sufferers.

Get in touch with Dash Plumbing & Rooter, Los Angeles, CA for installing a whole house water filter in your house. Our technicians will advice you on the best possible option depending upon your budget and needs.

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